About Us

At Iora Health, we are radically changing primary care. Our primary care practices provide the type of health care that patients deserve—highly personalized, friendly, and expert care, delivered by a team of professionals who are passionate about managing health in a better way.

Iora Primary Care is a primary care practice available to members of the New England Carpenters Union and your dependents age 18+ who have active health insurance benefits through the Fund. Iora Primary Care patients have 24/7 access to their care teams by phone and we guarantee same or next day visits if you are sick. All Iora Primary Care services are a benefit provided to you at no additional cost.

The practice is conveniently located, features late afternoon and evening hours, consists of a team that gets to know you, focuses on preventive care to keep you healthy, and requires no co-pays. The Iora Primary Care team is located in the Carpenters Center at 750 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester. We are on the 2nd floor inside of the Vision Center.