What is Iora Health?

2-10-14-Iora-Health-2048-(2)Iora Health is changing health care by removing barriers (like antiquated payment structures and IT systems) and focusing on what is important in primary care – our patients. Our care teams, in primary care practices across the U.S., provide the type of health care patients deserve – compassionate, highly personalized, and expert care.

What is Iora Primary Care?

Iora Primary Care is a new primary care practice available to you and your dependents age 18+ who have health coverage through a sponsored insurance program. Iora Primary Care delivers a new kind of primary care to help you live a better life. A caring and passionate model, Iora Primary Care puts patients first. We are advocates for you and have created a forum for you to be heard – truly heard. We go beyond what is expected in primary care to ensure that our patients get what they need to feel better and live healthier lives. Iora Primary Care patients have 24/7 access to their physicians by phone and we guarantee same or next day visits if you are sick. All Iora Primary Care services are a benefit provided to you at no additional cost.

The practice is conveniently located in the Carpenters Training Center, on the 2nd floor next to the vision center. We feature late afternoon and evening hours, are a team who gets to know you, and focus on preventive care to keep you healthy.

Why should I join Iora Primary Care?

Joining Iora Primary Care is your opportunity to experience primary care focused on you. Key aspects of this unique model of care include:

  • Team-based primary care provided by doctors, nurses, health coaches and a behavioral health specialist
  • Easy access to your care team
  • Flexibility to communicate via email, text messaging, phone, and video chats
  • Tightly coordinated care with specialists, hospitals, and extended care facilities
  • Conveniently located & flexible hours
  • Same or next-day office visits available for urgent issues
  • No co-pays, coinsurance, or deductibles for office visits
  • No changes to your benefits

Will my employer/union have access to my medical records?

No. Iora operations a separate electronic medical record. We value our patients’ privacy and will not share your personal health information with your employer/union.

How much does Iora Primary Care cost? Are there co-pays for office visits?

There is no cost for you to become an Iora Primary Care patient. All services provided through Iora Primary Care are free to you. There are no co-pays or deductibles on services offered by Iora Primary Care; however, any specialist services you require will be handled in the same way as today through your health plan.

Who can join Iora Primary Care?

Individuals and their adult dependents (age 18+) who receive health insurance benefits through a sponsored insurance plan are eligible to join.

How can I join Iora Primary Care?

Please visit the practice at the Carpenters Training Center, email [email protected], call 781-222-0828, or click here to sign up online.

Can my partner or spouse join?

Yes! Iora Primary Care is open to any adult spouse or domestic partner who is:

  •      18 years of age or older
  •      insured through a sponsored health insurance plan

What is a Health Coach?

Your Health Coach will work with you and your doctor to encourage you to take an active role in your health by providing you with the tools necessary to make healthy lifestyle choices and adopt healthy behaviors. Your Health Coach will support you in achieving your fitness goals, scheduling specialist appointments, following-up after specialist visits, offering classes of interest to you and navigating the healthcare system.

Who is the Iora Primary Care team?

Read our team member bios.